Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How Top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR Can Enable a Digital India?

Top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR can make a visible difference to the creation of a Digital India While it is always fanciful to pay lip service and bask in the reflected glory of government initiatives, it is always better to leverage youth power to take the boat right in the centre of the storm and not be just limited to being a storm in a tea cup. Ishan Institute of Management & Technology is one of those top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR, where academicians and staff are collaborating to make things happen on the front of Digital India.

Delhi management institutes have the obvious advantage of location and can harness that advantage to enable not just empower the digital revolution. While business schools are a different breed of species and should not run like tech schools yet, one needs to understand that technology is a non linear tool to align strategy with execution and can augment performance like nothing else. To this extent, top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR can engineer a blue print for higher academia corporate interface with both blue chip companies and start up firms to bolster the development of mobile applications. There are a number of problems in business and society that can be resolved only through fast tracking the dissemination of information. Mobile app development for business and society can take place well within the ecosystem of business schools and within the constraints of academic curriculum, teaching methodology and placement pressures. In fact mobile app development can enable students of top PGDM colleges in Delhi NCR to become technological entrepreneurs even before they have their marks sheets in their hands.

We have said this before that the process of start up entrepreneurship should follow three simple steps of problem identification, development of an extrinsic solution and then creation of a monetization model to internalize the solution in the form of a product or service. This can well be the path for mobile app development in business schools.

Mobile Apps for Local Problems in Business and Society
Mobile apps for local problems in business and society need to be based on targeting an audience who may be facing a challenge. As such mobile apps may be developed to solve challenges of search, community building, communication, knowledge sharing, real time information search and enrolment. Mobile apps development for solving these types of challenges can be used to streamline agriculture, higher and school education, rural community development, self help groups, credit unions or micro finance institutions. As such farmers can benefit from apps that provide real time information on prices of food crops and cash crops, weather forecasts with emphasis on expected rainfall, soil testing and pesticide information, etc. Students in school and higher education can benefit from institute search, admission, correspondence on financial aid and scholarships, exam and class time table, form filling, attendance and performance data, etc.

How can Students and Academicians Collaborate?
Academicians can enable students to take up mobile app development by conceiving projects for summer internship and final semester. Academicians can offer a full fledge synopsis of the project, including the particulars of business and social challenges that are aimed to be resolved through the mobile apps development project. Top MBA colleges can look for part or complete sponsorship of the project from blue chips and start up companies with conditions of sharing of intellectual property rights. Business and tech fests can be leverage to promote interaction between students who aim to work on such projects and venture capitalists and angel investors. Once the unit costs of app development are worked out, students can get going on learning the fundamentals of app development from online resources, alumni and mentors from academia. On the successful development of the mobile app, the academic and student community can then come together to engage with local communities who are targeted through the mobile app by organizing on campus events or online webinars. By the time the project culminates the students can think of monetizing their apps and register their start up firms with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Why Take All the Pains for Mobile App Development?
Mobile app development in India is an unsung glory. India is the largest producer of mobile apps in the world. India has a large segment of educated but unemployed youth who are at times willing to work for peanuts. Being an emerging economy we have opportunities and being a third world country we have challenges. We can enable our unorganized retail to compete head on with blue chip corporations, reduce farmer suicides, improve healthcare and enable artisans earn better for handicrafts. At Ishan Institute of Management & Technology, we academicians believe that it is possible to create win-win situations where income generation coincides with social welfare. As Edmund Burke had once said:

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”